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Find out how you can help your pooch wave goodbye to those unwelcome behaviours!



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With more dogs than ever being put into rescue centres, more litters of puppies and increasing numbers of people wanting to own their own dogs, it is hardly surprising there is an increased need for some one to one help. 
Whilst we all love our dogs, occasionally we do not love their behaviour which is where Ellena comes in. When you and your dog are having problems, it is very often difficult to see what is causing this unwanted behaviour. Dogs are normally simply reacting to a stimulus and at some point in the past the dog has perceived that behaviour as beneficial to itself. As a behaviourist it is Ellena's job to simply observe and identify what is going on and implement strategies to help not only your dog, but you and your family start to correct and improve this behaviour.  

For a one to one behavioural referral or one to one lesson please contact us via the Website/contact form about how best to move forwards. Due to time constraints, there are now limited times during the week when these sessions are on offer. We cannot offer weekend appointments unless in extreme circumstances. A phone consultation can also be booked at £25 for 30 minutes

£55 x Hour Session + Mileage

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