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Different trainers will use various methods of training to get their desired result. Depending on what you require from your dog, will dictate the type of training most effective for you and your dog. It is vital that as a dog owner/trainer, we all understand that every dog is different, as is every owner and so each training case can vary. What will work spectacularly for one may not work at all for others.


This is occasionally misunderstood as always food reward based training. However, positive reinforcement can be anything from rewarding your dog with verbal praise; "good boy", to rewarding with their favourite toy/ball/cuddly bear (as the drug sniffer dogs are trained) or rewarding them with something tasty such as a yummy bit of cheese!


Some dogs are very food motivated and can be trained to do pretty much anything using just that. However, some are more motivated by their owners affection and attention whereas others will do all that is required just to have their tennis ball.


If an owner would like to use clicker training for their dog, we are happy to accommodate.


Basic training such as heel work, sit and recall can normally be done using any or all of the above. Whether the dog is being primed for a working life with sheep, or getting ready to become the next Pudsey on Britains Got Talent, positive reinforcement will always be the preferred method used by most trainers (including us) in a first instance.