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At Swift Dog Training we understand that every dog and every handler are different. We aim to adapt and use training methods to suit all and appreciate that what works and suits one, may not necessarily help another.


To this end, we endeavor to please everyone and are happy to discuss a variety of training methods to suit each case individually. We treat every dog and person as an individual and promote healthy, happy and fun dog/owner relationships.

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If you have any specific requirements for you or your dog, please contact us for an impartial and unobligated discussion on how we can help you in the most positive and fun way possible.


We strongly believe that you and your dog should have a fun and fulfilling relationship that works for both of you. It does not matter if this is competing in field trials, stress free visits to your veterinarian or simply enjoying your Sunday walks to the park together, we want to help you get there.

Tyson Nunneley and Ellena Swift Nunneley have shared their passion for training and working dogs for several years and finally decided that it made sense to share the wonderful facilities, experience and knowledge with others wishing to have fun and train their dogs.

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