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Dora, who is the inspiration for this whole venture and who the training arena is dedicated in memory of, was Ellena's best friend and loyal companion since she was just 15. Her gentleness and kindness knew no bounds. She worked from the tender age of 6 months beating and picking up better than most. She loved agility winning her last competition at 10 years old, loved tricks and most of all loved her pack. She passed away peacefully early in 2013 in Ellena's arms and will never ever be forgotten.

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Tilda is a 11 year old German Shepherd bitch. She is now retired but worked well picking up, beating and on peg.


She was a registered Pets As Therapy dog visiting hospitals, hospices, care homes and schools. She is also the 'cover girl' for the PAT website! She is quick to learn and great fun in agility and tricks.  


Her enthusiasm and clumsy, comical charm never fail to make anyone smile and her loyalty is second none. She is also chief puppy trainer!

PUMBA (Birdbrook Vixen)


Pumba was Ellena's main working dog. She excels at gun dog and agility and is one of the nicest girls around. She has won her first novice working test and been placed in nearly all tests she entered. She has had three litters of puppies now. Every single puppy has the most beautiful nature, training attitude and natural aptitude for work. She is the start of the now impressive line of Swiftlands Labradors.

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Millie was Tysons eldest and first dog, a liver and white Springer Spaniel. She was more commonly known as 'Womble', as this is what she spent most of her time doing. We sadly lost her at 14 years old leaving a gap that no other dog could fill.

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Wispa is the resident working sheep dog, a Kelpie cross Border Collie. This little dog has more energy than most I know. She loves working the sheep and loves agility when she is not busy working. She helps dogging in the pheasant poults and works steadily and accurately beating on shoot days. One of her favourite things in the world is a deflated football that she likes to take for walks with her.

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Tara (photographed in the middle) is Tysons first fully trained working gun dog. She is a very pretty Fox Red Labrador bitch who is steady on peg, hunts well in the beating line and all in all makes a very loving and loyal companion. She has the most gentle nature to people and dogs alike, and never fails to cheer anyone up with a cuddle. 

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