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Please see below to see what others think at Swift Dog Training. You can also see other feedback on  Google Reviews 


Ellena Swift with Sika and Keepa-57.jpg

Sue and Floyd


"The gun dog training was very positive and by the 2nd session both myself and Floyd had improved. I am looking forward to the next stage and would recommend Ellena to people with dogs at all stages"

ST Ellena Swift Nov 20-336.jpg

Ned and Fugly

(Cocker Spaniel) 

"The sessions went really well, went on for the right amount of time, with the right amount of dogs and I felt Ellena struck a fine balance between handling people and knowledge of dogs. Ellena clearly knows her stuff, so many so called 'behaviourists' don't. Thank you"

ST Ellena Swift June 2020-339.jpg

Amy and Bengy

(Bichon Frise)

"Ellena is very approachable and does not judge you as an owner for your dogs bad habits which I feel is important. She is very knowledgeable and obviously extremely good with dogs, she has a very calming approach and understood exactly what we needed to do with Bengy. We will definitely be recommending Ellena and using her again"

ST Ellena Swift June 2020-58.jpg

Sarah and Shambles

(Cocker Spaniel)

"Ellena is very friendly and unintimidating with constructive advice that should be easy to apply with a little practice"

Sarah and Shambles (Cocker Spaniel)

ST Ellena Swift Apr 20-318.jpg

Becky and Rosie

(Flat Coat Retriever)

"Rosie enjoyed her sessions but can not carry on because of her heart condition. However, we are very much looking forward to starting with our new Labrador!"

ST Tom Payne in the snow-501.jpg

Steve and Major


"Ellena is very easy to talk to and good at seeing what's best for the dog. It was a very nice experience, keep up the good work!"

Steve and Major (Labrador)

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