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Here at Swift Gun Dog Training, we have several purpose built facilities to perfect your gun dog.


Firstly we have a secure arena which is small enough to begin close hunting work and basic retrieves, but large enough to do beginner whistle work and basic blind retrieves.


We also have a small training wood to re-create a shooting environment to help train close and controlled hunting and blind retrieves.


We have various dummies, tennis balls and other stimulating training aids to help encourage retrieving. We also have a remote and hand held dummy launchers to help train distant retrieves and socialise the dogs to bangs as they would need to be on the shooting field.

We more recently have a tennis ball dropper and a starter pistol to help, introduce bangs to young dogs. We also have access to water to introduce and train water retrieves.


For the more advanced we have free access to various different open large training fields with banks, hills, marshy ground and hedges to help train your dog in all circumstances.


Both Ellena and Tyson regularly attend local shoots in the Warwickshire and Oxfordshire area, so have ample opportunities to train our team and those dogs in for a dog training holiday.

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