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Agility is one of the fastest growing, most active and interactive sports you can currently take up with you canine friend. It combines a wonderful combination of obedience, precision training, speed and agility.


Whether you decide you want to perfect you and your dogs agility skills, help yourself and your dog to stay in shape, or simply help build the bond with your dog and have some fun, agility can be a great way to do this.

Please be aware Oct - Feb we do not run classes due to the unpredictable weather making it unsafe to train outside.

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This is for all breeds over the age of 8 months who are coming along nicely with their basic obedience and are looking to introduce a fun new activity into their training. Only certain elements of the agility equipment will be used due to the dogs being under 12 months (no jumps), however the majority of the equipment will be used and it is a great way to practice the dogs new obedience skills.

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This is for most breeds that are over the age of 12 months and in good physical conditions (dogs with pre-existing conditions or old injuries may not be suitable). In these sessions you will learn as the handler how to teach your dog to complete each obstacle one by one. By the end of the 8 sessions you will be able to link each element in a simple course (known as sequencing).

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Once you have completed one of the above courses or been competing at grade 2 level or better (this is a pre-requisite) you can hire the arena and equipment for training purposes. Please note you are ENTIRELY responsible for the safety and proper use of the agility equipment with you & your dogs. Please call for availability (only day hire available during the winter months as no lighting).

Please note that long back breeds such as the Dachshund and large breeds such as Great Danes will not be allowed to part take in Agility Level Two or Agility Practice Sessions for their own health and welfare.

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